BREAKING NEWS: Anritsu Launches Industry’s First All-in-One Signalling Tester Enabling LTE-Advanced 1-Gbps IP Throughput Evaluation      KEMET Broadens Automotive Applications Where the Benefits of Polymer Electrolytics Can Be Utilized      Conrad Business Supplies presents the new VOLTCRAFT IP65 Multimeters      Very efficient and “Green” UPS Series from Powersolve Provides Up To 3kVA      Melexis announces new LIN Bus Gateway Device     
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Melexis announces new LIN Bus Gateway Device

Jul 18, 2017

New device overcomes LIN bus limitations in modern automotive lighting applications   Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, today announces a new LIN-to-LIN gateway that overcomes the limitation of just 16 devices on a typical LIN bus. Each MLX81120 connects as a LIN slave on the main LIN bus and is controlled directly from the
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Very efficient and “Green” UPS Series from Powersolve Provides Up To 3kVA

AC/AC efficiency up to 94%, Very low THDi of less than 5% Output voltage settable   Powersolve, recognised as a leader in power supply technology, has made a significant addition to its uninterruptible power supply offering with the launch of the six model PKR Plus Series. Designed to satisfy a wide range of applications including
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Conrad Business Supplies presents the new VOLTCRAFT IP65 Multimeters

The VC-440, VC-450 and VC-460 models are protected against the ingress of dust and water. An integrated lighting sensor is automatically activated in dark environments   Conrad Business Supplies recently launched the three new VOLTCRAFT multimeters VC-440 E, VC-450 E and VC-460 E. The units are specially designed for operation outdoors. Thanks to special protective features such as the rubberized casing, they are slip-proof and impact-resistant. The
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KEMET Broadens Automotive Applications Where the Benefits of Polymer Electrolytics Can Be Utilized

AEC-Q200 qualified capacitors also show immunity testing against high-energy load dump pulses   KEMET, a leading global supplier of electronic components, has announced the extension of its T598 range of polymer electrolytic capacitors with new higher voltage rated parts. The addition of 35V devices for capacitance values of 22 and 33 microfarads represents a first-to-market for KEMET.
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Han® 16 HPR EasyCon: robust connectors for miniaturisation in the rail sector

The new Han® 16 HPR EasyCon from HARTING is a robust industrial connector that has been designed specifically to meet today’s requirements for miniaturisation in the rail sector. The compact connector housing has been designed to accommodate up to four high-current contacts carrying up to 650 A each, providing sufficient power for vehicle-mounted equipment such as
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New Molex off-the-shelf and custom in-vehicle smart multimedia USB charging modules reduce overall engineering costs – now available through TTI, Inc.

Standard USB charger for BC 1.2 profile suits many transportation vehicle applications; custom in-vehicle smart charger provides maximum power   With the rise of in-vehicle infotainment, automotive manufacturers are now designing multiple USB chargers into each model, which has increased costs.  Molex has announced a new off-the-shelf USB charger that suits most transportation applications and
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Toshiba Memory Corporation Develops World’s First 3D Flash Memory with TSV Technology

Achieves high speed data input and output, low power consumption, large capacity   Toshiba Memory Corporation, the world leader in memory solutions, today announced development of the world’s first BiCS FLASH™ three-dimensional (3D) flash memory utilizing Through Silicon Via (TSV)technology with 3-bit-per-cell (triple-level cell, TLC) technology. Shipments of prototypes for development purposes started in June, and product
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New miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Panasonic benefit from ultra-low ESR values and a small footprint

Long Life (Up To 10,000 Hours at 105°C) And A Wide Temperature Range (-40°C to +105°C)   Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has recently introduced a new series of miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors (radial lead type) for applications such as Unit Power Supply Output, Noise Filtering, DC/DC Converter and Back-Up Power. New FS series
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VPG Foil Resistors Announces Ultra-High Precision Military and Space Grade Resistors

The VPG Foil Resistors product group of Vishay Precision Group (NYSE: VPG) (, manufacturers of the industry’s most precise and stable precision resistors, today introduced the Model 303337 ultra-high precision military and space-grade resistor, offering high-performance current sensing within mission-critical applications. The Model 303337 produces a highly precise voltage that is directly proportional to measured
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HARTING shrinks DIN 41612 3Q/3R type connector to one third previous size

Jul 11, 2017

In line with the trend to miniaturisation in the industrial sector, HARTING has introduced a new DIN 41612 multipoint connector that is only one third the size of previous versions. The new DIN 41612 3Q/3R type multipoint connector family is available with or without a PCB hold-down clip and is particularly designed for connecting two
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