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New products

Hall-effect current sensors cover range from 100 A to 800 A

Aug 18, 2014

HARTING has introduced a range of Hall-effect current sensors with a current range from 100 A to 800 A. The new HCSE (Hall-effect current sensors Eco) family consists of four models, and are based on the open-loop measurement principle which provides a direct representation of the primary current with an accuracy of up to ±1%.
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GradConn launches low cost test probe cable assemblies

Aug 12, 2014

 In line with its strategy for new product development GradConn has launched a new range of low cost co-axial test probe cable assemblies for the inspection of high frequency circuits.  Suitable for testing Hirose MS-156 and Murata MM8030 sub miniature coaxial switch connectors, the new probes offer reliable testing of RF circuits from development thru
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New Receptacle from Mill-Max Offers Zero Profile & Dual Entry

Mill-Max is pleased to announce a new option in our receptacle line-up with the introduction of a new receptacle providing flush mount PCB assembly and dual entry capability. The 0531-0-15-15-31-27-10-0 receptacle is a zero profile, solderless press-fit receptacle with an overall length of .068” (1,73mm). When pressed in, the 0531 sits flush with the PCB
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DLI’s power divider for low power applications of in-phase combining or splitting

From Knowles Capacitors comes a Wilkinson power divider from their Dielectric Laboratories (DLI) facility. It is designed to provide in phase power splitting or combining over a broad bandwidth in low power applications. This is achieved by application of precision thin film fabrication with integrated resistors, coupled with DLI’s high permittivity ceramic materials, to provide
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Current sensor ICs feature high accuracy and internal isolation

The new ACS722 and ACS723 current sensor ICs from Allegro MicroSystems Europe are high-accuracy devices featuring internal galvanic isolation, and are ideally suited to use in low-power applications incorporating high output voltage swings at low currents. The new devices are true bidirectional ±5 A or unidirectional 10 A sensor ICs which provide an economical and
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FTDI Chip Adds Further Strength & Depth to its EVE Portfolio with New Software Tools & Arduino Libraries

Aug 11, 2014

To provide further assistance to engineers using its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology, FTDI Chip can now supply a comprehensive suite of additional support facilities. These are designed to be utilised with both the established FT800 graphic controller IC and the newly announced FT801, with capacitive touch enabled interface and multi-touch capabilities, which has now
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H4 UTX connector New PV Connector from Amphenol Meets the Three Highest Certification Standards on the Market

Industrial Products Group, a global leader in interconnect systems, now offers The H4 UTX – a PV connector that meets all three of the highest certification standards on the market, allowing this one connector to be used globally. The new connector meets IEC50521 TUV 1500V- Class A (All Access), UL6703 1000V (Americas) and JET 1500V
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New digitally tunable filters boost tactical-radio performance

Aug 5, 2014

The new TF010x series of digitally tunable bandpass filters from Link Microtek offer military communications systems designers a low-loss frequency-hopping capability for software-defined radios. Designed and manufactured by MtronPTI, the filters are available in eight different models covering frequency ranges from 30MHz to 1GHz, each with 250 tuning steps, 8-bit parallel tuning control and a
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Pulse Electronics' Sidewinder Clamp-On Current Sensor Easily Fits Existing Solid Conductors

Pulse Electronics Corporation (NYSE: PULS), a leading provider of electronic components, introduces its new 50Hz/60Hz, di/dt AC current sensor that can be clamped onto an existing solid conductor without having to disconnect the conductor. The PA3828NL clamp-on sensor has a linear current range of 0.1 amps to 200 amps with 1.0% accuracy for high precision
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Power Integrations’ New LinkSwitch-3 ICs Meet 2016 DoE 6 EPS Efficiency Regulations for Smartphone and Tablet Chargers

Aug 4, 2014

Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), a leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, today announced the launch of its LinkSwitch™-3 family of highly integrated monolithic switching ICs. The new devices deliver accurate primary-side regulation for chargers and adapters up to 10 W, making them suitable for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, particularly those
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