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Mixing console displays: central to usability

Nov 21, 2017

Paul Hooper, Display Sales Manager, andersDX and Andrew , TimmeProduct Engineering Manager, Calrec   Since the introduction of assignable controls on mixing consoles, it has been essential to provide sound engineers with a clear picture of what the function and status is of each fader and other associated controls. Consoles can have over 100 faders.
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Displays in the sun: useful pointers for designers

Nov 14, 2017

Mike Logan, Display and Input Technology Manager, andersDX   Sunlight is a very long way from being the display designer’s friend, as anyone who has ever strained to read an ATM screen on a sunny day will know. Sunlight on a display creates reflections, which can make a display much harder to read. It can
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Secure software foundations for Industry 4.0

Nov 7, 2017

Arun Subbarao, Vice President, Engineering & Technology at Lynx Software Technologies   Engineering organisations across almost every industrial sector are not short of guidance when it comes to designing, developing and deploying an industrial internet that is interoperable, safe and secure. In particular, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Working Group for Industry 4.0
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Expanding outside broadcast horizons

Oct 31, 2017

HARTING expanded beam fibre-optic cable assemblies prevent transmission loss for television outside broadcasts in harsh environmental conditions   As the demand for high-definition broadcasting signal transmissions has increased and the transition to DTV/HDTV has been fully realised, the role of fibre optics as the signal transmission medium continues to grow. Fibre-optic infrastructures offer the advantage
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Advances in Capacitive Touch Panels

Oct 24, 2017

By Mike Logan, Display and Input Technology Manager, andersDX   Although capacitive touchscreens can normally respond when the user is wearing thin latex or rubber gloves, demand is now growing for touchscreens to offer an acceptable user experience for wearers of thicker gloves, such as cut-resistant industrial gloves worn to comply with safety regulations, or
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Chip resistor is cheaper than a grain of rice, but supply is now the issue

Oct 17, 2017

Steve Rawlins, CEO, Anglia Components   With a chip resistor now cheaper than a grain of rice, the only problem is making sure your bowl is always full.  The frustrating thing is that despite it costing less than 400ths of a penny, it can still cost thousands in lost orders should it not be available
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Power-Conscious Display Design for a Great User Experience

Oct 10, 2017

by Paul Hooper –Display Group Manager, andersdx   Thinking creatively about the needs of the user interface can help meet challenging power and cost targets when designing products for use in environments ranging from homes or offices to cars or factories. Introduction: Power consumption and bill of materials are important factors in many design projects.
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How the capacitor design process is enabling engineers to create flatter TVs and thinner servers

Oct 3, 2017

By Takanori Hibino, Product Manager – Capacitors, Murata Electronics Europe   There is constant pressure in the electronics industry to make everything smaller, faster, lighter and sleeker. Nowhere is this trend stronger than in the consumer electronics sector, where the look, feel and user experience that a product offers is often more important than the
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The changing face of the distribution market

Sep 26, 2017

Steve Rawlins, CEO, Anglia Components   It’s a very interesting time in the components industry.  Consolidation is reducing the choice for buyers.  At the same time, there are many pressures on the supply chain, such as the automotive Industry which is sucking up available component supplies, limiting availability for the industrial market. Despite this, the
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Improve Tab to Terminal Connections in Battery Pack Manufacturing

Sep 19, 2017

The right welding system will help you achieve and maintain production throughput and yield targets By Geoff Shannon, Amada Miyachi America, Inc.   Battery packs have become an integral part of everyday life, powering a growing range of portable electronic devices, cordless power tools, energy storage, and hybrid and electric vehicles. Tab to terminal connection
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