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Tech Articles

Making the Massive IoT work

Aug 15, 2017

By Andrew Bickley, Arrow Electronics   A great deal has been written about The Internet of Things (IoT), how it will revolutionise people’s lives and how previously inanimate objects are going to be given a level of ‘intelligence’ that will allow them to be operated, monitored and controlled remotely and efficiently. The latest figures suggest
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Effective RF and audio testing of Bluetooth components with just one T&M instrument

Aug 8, 2017

By Dieter Mahnken and Ute Philipp, Rohde & Schwarz Munich   Nearly all new vehicles today offer Bluetooth® handsfree equipment. The Bluetooth connection between smartphone and infotainment system can also be used for numerous other applications. The individual components must undergo RF and audio tests to ensure that the headset, speakers, infotainment system and smartphone
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Developments in control electronics enable the intelligent vending machine

Aug 1, 2017

Fabrizio Petris, Senior Business Development Manager – Sensors Omron Electronic Components Europe B.V.   Vending machines are a relatively unrecognised, but fast growing, market opportunity for the electronics industry. That growth is being driven by a new class of unit: the intelligent vending machine, which marries the convenience and accessibility of instant, on the spot
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Design Tips for Corrosion-Resistant EMI Protection

Jul 25, 2017

By Tim Kearvell, Elastomer Product Manager, Parker Hannifin, Chomerics Division Europe   To prevent electromagnetic radiation (EMI) entering or leaving an electronic enclosure, an EMI gasket must be installed between its mating flanges. However, if the equipment is to be used in a high-humidity and/or marine environment, then correct consideration of corrosion protection is a
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Relay design evolves to address new applications

Jul 18, 2017

Andries de Bruin, Senior European Product Marketing Manager, Omron Electronic Components – Europe   Electromechanical relays are continually evolving and adapting to meet the requirements of new generations of applications. For example, longer endurance power relays are needed to address smart meter applications and devices that can withstand higher inrush current are required for inductive
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3 factors driving the powertrain of the future

Jul 11, 2017

Vincent Hiligsmann – Corporate Strategy Core Markets   21st Century powertrains are an integrated combination of internal combustion engines (ICEs), batteries, transmissions, motors and complex control systems. The technology has been constantly evolving ever since the first powertrains saw the light of day in the late 1800s, but in recent years there have been enormous
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HEADLINE: Building easy access to Big Data

Jul 4, 2017

Markku Riihonen, Global Products and Business Development Manager, 4D Systems EMEA GmbH   The infrastructure to support the Internet of Things is evolving, and a large part of that infrastructure is what we now call the cloud. As the IoT matures, it is pioneering new concepts such as distributed intelligence; edge-nodes that operate autonomously, creating
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Taking an active interest in display technology

Jun 27, 2017

Mike Logan , Display & Input Technology Manager, andersDX   Choosing the right display technology for your next application requires an eye for detail As a feedback mechanism, a colour display is hard to beat in any application. In non-consumer applications the use of a large, full colour display may have seemed opulent in the
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Airport Security Screening with Millimetre Waves

Jun 20, 2017

By Dr. Sherif Sayed Ahmed, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Test and Measurement Division   Fully-automated personnel scanning using a multi-channel millimetre-wave array, with intelligent image-recognition algorithms that perform real-time analysis on raw data, can protect passengers’ safety by identifying threats accurately and clearly, while also preserving travellers’ privacy by eliminating any need
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High reliability NTC sensor replaces bi-metal devices with much higher reliability

Jun 13, 2017

By Ros Kruger, Director, Supplier Marketing Europe – Emech, Sensors and Power, TTI, Inc   In the past, measurement of temperatures in excess of 500°C had primarily been performed using platinum temperature sensor elements. Now, a new NTC high-performance ceramic element is available from TDK enabling operation up to maximum temperatures of 650°C. Applications include
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