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Using PowerPhase MOSFETs in Synchronous Buck VR Applications

Sep 29, 2015

Author: David Lee, Applications Engineer, ON Semiconductor Introduction: Most of voltage regulators are still using discrete solutions like SO8-FL 5 x 6 mm2 package. With advancement of Si technology and packaging, MOSFET can achieve a switching transition of less than 10nS, which is equivalent to di/dt of more than 1A/nS New PowerPhase packages enable faster
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Intel Galileo2 vs. Raspberry Pi2

Sep 23, 2015

By Lynette Reese, Mouser Electronics   As a follow-up to a previous article about the Intel Galileo and the Raspberry Pi (RPi), the discussion has evolved to a comparison between the second generations of both boards. Both have been greatly improved, yet neither has been drastically changed such that a migration to this next generation
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Developing advanced packaging to meet increased needs for higher power density in power modules

Sep 15, 2015

By Martin Hägerdal, President, Ericsson Power Modules   Increased processing density in high-end data server designs with the cramming of more and more silicon on to PCBs continues to have an impact on power supply systems. For example, power per board demand from ICT (Information and Communications Technology) servers has increased from 300W in the early
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Fire and ice: A collision of Safety and Security in embedded medical software

Sep 3, 2015

“Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice.”   Like the Fire and Ice of Robert Frost’s famous poem, software security and safety are disparate elements. They are worlds apart, with separate standards, approaches, and authoritative bodies. Say “software security” to most people and they will think of hacked bank accounts,
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Magnetostrictive Sensors Help Bring Motion To World’s Largest Radio Telescope

Aug 25, 2015

By Matt Hankison, MTS Sensors     Radio telescopes, a form of directional antenna used in radio astronomy, help in the study naturally-occurring radio light from planets, stars, galaxies, black holes and other objects of astronomical interest. They differ from conventional optical telescopes in that they operate in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic
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DC power relays evolve to address new applications

Aug 11, 2015

Juergen Schoenauer, Relay Technology Manager, Omron Electronic Components Europe B.V.   DC power relays are evolving rapidly to address the very different and very specific requirements of electric vehicles and renewable energy applications. For electric vehicles, key requirements are small weight and size, whereas for renewable energy applications, long life and exceptional efficiency are key.
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Going the extra mile for the medical market

Jul 21, 2015

By Phil Gee, Director, Corporate OEM/CEM at Farnell element14   Integrity is key in the medical industry when it comes to electronics components distribution.  Organisations in the medical market demand franchised distributors, direct buying and full traceability.  Therefore, anticipating and responding to this complex market with a comprehensive suite of solutions is critical to success.
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IoT Global Cellular Networks – one step closer to 5G

Jul 14, 2015

Guillaume Crinon – Business Development Manager, AVNET MEMEC   What if the IoT big numbers were not too far-fetched? What if expanding the market of the connectable “things” was simply crunching the cost of connecting them? What if we had the technology and business-model available? What if IoT Telecom Operators were already offering new global
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User acceptance of the smart home

Jul 8, 2015

Global business communities have set energy efficiency as one of their major goals and building automation is a key factor in the drive for more sustainable energy use. Numerous related products and solutions already exist on the market, increasingly also for the smart home. However, although these solutions achieve enormous savings of up to 30 percent,
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Five key questions to ask your rental provider

Jun 9, 2015

George Acris Director of Marketing, Europe, Microlease   One of the great advantages of renting a test instrument is that you benefit from the rental company’s expertise and market knowledge. A good rental company will hold in stock a very wide portfolio of instruments from all of the leading manufacturers, and in dialogue with them
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