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Does off really mean off? New generations of switches help designers save energy and eliminate standby power – By Andries de Bruin, European Product Marketing Manager, Omron Electronic Components Europe B.V.

Dec 9, 2014

Reduction in energy use is high on the agenda of customers, who have to pay for wasted energy, utilities who need to keep pace with growing energy consumption, and of governments, who have to handle the macro-effects of global warning.  Whether the need is to effectively control new lighting technologies, to fully power down systems on
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EC Electronics Case Study – Low-pressure overmoulding helps pump company control domestic showers

Nov 25, 2014

By using a low-pressure overmoulding process, Salamander Pumps has reduced cost and improved reliability in its sensor system for controlling domestic showers A technique known as low pressure overmoulding (LPO) from a UK manufacturer is helping Salamander Pumps reduce the cost and improve the reliability of Hall Effect sensors used to control the pumps for
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Tuning in to a new kind of antenna – Feature Article by Caroline Hayes

Oct 28, 2014

When is an antenna tuner, not an antenna tuner? When it’s an RF MEMS antenna tuner. This conundrum was posed and solved at the EuroAsia Press conference in San Jose recently, by Lars Johnsson, Cavendish Kinetics. He told the gathered journalists that the company’s SmarTune technology uses its loss-less RF MEMS in its antenna to
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"Display dazzles so watch this space" – Feature Article by Caroline Hayes

Sep 23, 2014

This month, Apple built up suspense nicely for a new product launch, and introduced not just the latest iPhone, but also smart watches. The company didn’t break convention with the iPhone 6, using an ion-exchange strengthened glass display, while the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition race ahead with a sapphire display
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Broadband Low-Loss Limiter MMICs – Article by Andy Dearn and Liam Devlin, Plextek RF Integration

Sep 8, 2014

Limiters are essential building blocks in receiver front-ends, where they are used to protect the low-noise amplification circuitry from damage by high power signals (such as nearby transmitters), which could otherwise result in permanent damage. Limiters need to be low loss, as any insertion loss adds directly to the noise figure of the receiver. In
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Smart moves add some depth – Article by Caroline Hayes

Aug 26, 2014

I came across a new use for a smartphone as part of a research project this month. Researchers at Microsoft made some simple hardware changes and used machine learning to create a depth camera from a smartphone. Low cost, low power LEDs were used for illumination and the phone’s IR cup filter was removed and
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Considerations When Choosing a USB Logic Analyser By Ross McGillivray, EASYSync

Aug 11, 2014

The utilization of USB logic analysers is becoming increasingly commonplace in the development and subsequent testing of all manner of modern electronic circuitry. They can be of great value when it comes to capturing and then manipulating the data required to deal with functional issues on complex digital chips, such as ASICs and FPGAs. Likewise,
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CASE STUDY: TOUCH TECHNOLOGY IN RETAIL— Elo Touch Solutions and mifitto make sure the shoe fits perfectly

Aug 5, 2014

mifitto, a young German company is aiming to improve the shoe shopping experience with its innovative 3D foot scanner. It is easier to find perfectly fitting shoes if feet are measured accurately. The concept, combined with an interactive touchscreen from Elo Touch Solutions (Elo), has already convinced the renowned Fraunhofer Society, a retail lab and
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The LTE and smartphone boost – Article by Caroline Hayes

Jul 29, 2014

Good news for smartphones and component manufacturers alike, as increasing levels of integration means that basestations and smartphones – as well as tablets and other mobile devices – are accelerating LTE (Long Term Evolution) adoption. A report from Heavy Reading shows that LTE basestations typically integrate devices from several companies, dominated by North American companies
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Hackers to the Wireless Industry: We’re Heeere…By Barry Manz, Mouser Electronics

Jul 22, 2014

Thanks to the revelations from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, we all now know that absolutely nothing we communicate electronically is safe from snooping by financially well-endowed government agencies such the NSA or England’s GHCQ.   However, the recent security breaches at major retailers have shown that astute hackers with comparatively modest resources can find their
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