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Powering ahead with SiC research – Feature Article by Caroline Hayes

Jul 16, 2014

After recently heading to Nuremberg for PCIM Europe 2014, my head is filled with thoughts of power: power management, energy efficiency, new regulations and alternative power sources. I realised this had become an obsession when listening to someone discussing the use of ‘Sic’ after a phrase, and I immediately thought of silicon carbide (SiC) before
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Automotive Grade Silicon Capacitors for ‘Under the Hood’ Applications

Sébastien Jacqueline, Laurent Lengignon, Laëtitia Omnès, IPDiA, 2 rue de la Girafe, 14000 Caen,” target=”_blank”>,, +33 (0) 2 31535406 Abstract This paper covers technological results achieved with silicon capacitors in low power automotive applications (smart sensors) including stability and reliability data at high temperatures. Size constraints of the capacitors for ‘under the hood’
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Planning to achieve low impedance package traces By: Jitesh Shah, Integrated Device Technology

Planning to achieve low impedance package traces By: Jitesh Shah, Integrated Device Technology Compared to traditional wirebond approaches, flip-chip interconnects provide a better option where superior electrical performance and high signal density are required. However, if the chip I/O floor-planning is not well thought out and optimised for the application, then the benefit of the
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