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Industrial Networks Require Centralized Security Orchestration

Jan 24, 2017

By Larry O’Connell, Microsemi Corporation and Roger Hill, Veracity Security Intelligence   As industrial networks increasingly interconnect with the wider Internet, OT infrastructure managers will need industrial strength security tools equivalent to their IT counterparts’. Today’s industrial network security is typically done in isolation or by implementing a firewall between the corporate and industrial network.
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Design Ideas for the IoT

Jan 17, 2017

Mouser claims to have one of the widest selections of development kits available off-the-shelf to help engineers get a project up and running. This month, Mark Patrick, Supplier Marketing & Business Development Manager, Mouser EMEA, runs through a few highlights from the tens of thousands of available kits at that will help IoT developers.
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More Effective Oxygen Monitoring through Advanced ZrO2 Technology

Jan 10, 2017

By Patrick Shannon, SST Sensing   There are many reasons why establishing the oxygen levels within a given environment can be required and the degree of accuracy that needs to be adhered to in each case can be quite different. In certain circumstances much greater exactitude will be expected than in others. Having displayed numerous
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LTE: Not one but many

Dec 20, 2016

Andrew Pockson, Divisional Marketing Manager, Anglia Components   When using LTE for IoT applications there is more than one standard to deal with. Analysts seem to be falling over themselves predicting just how big the internet of things (IoT) is going to be, and it will be big. What is less certain is what will
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New features enhance touch screen interactivity

Dec 13, 2016

Force or pressure sensing and object recognition unlock a new level of creativity for application developers   By Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director, Zytronic Ltd. User interface designers are forever innovating, using new approaches and technologies to improve engagement and ease of use, and to attract the attention of customers. Force sensing technology, for
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Essentials of Rack Integration

Dec 6, 2016

By Stuart Main, Steatite   Rack integration is a complex task with many potential pitfalls that even the most knowledgeable of IT managers and systems engineers may not have fully considered. This activity requires adeptness in a number of different fundamental areas and a great deal of relevant experience built up over a long period
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Security in the IoT demands more focus from OEMs

Nov 29, 2016

Standfirst: The trend towards connecting everything to the Internet presents an increased threat to the IT infrastructure; one they can’t fix themselves. OEMs need to understand the risks and the security measures available to mitigate them. In simple terms, what really separated the embedded and enterprise sectors in the past wasn’t the type of devices
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Contact innovation advances switch and relay design

Nov 22, 2016

Andries de Bruin, Senior European Product Marketing Manager   We are benefitting from a ‘double peak’ in the electromechanical component market. Core products serving traditional applications such as automotive, communications, white goods and industrial markets continue to do well.  New classes of components are becoming integral to new markets driven by the need to reduce
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7 things to know about spacecraft subsystems before your next trip to Mars

Nov 15, 2016

When I was young, as most aspiring engineers do, I dreamed of going to outer space, specifically Mars. And I thought the only way to get there was aboard the NASA space shuttle. The cancellation of the shuttle program crushed that boyhood dream of mine, or so I thought. The recent commercialization of satellites and
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No Dev Kit; No Design

Nov 8, 2016

A successful design starts with a good idea. But many good ideas never get off the drawing board. That’s true for multi-national companies with large engineering departments and also for garage-based start-ups and the amateur maker market. What can help turn that spark of creativity into a brilliant success? In the past it may have
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