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Creator: connecting the Internet of Things one device at a time

Aug 23, 2016

By Paul Evans, Director for the MIPS Business Unit, Imagination Technologies   2008 marked the year when the number of internet connected devices overtook the world’s population; right now, a few households are generating more web traffic that the entire Internet just six years ago. No matter the exact scale, the Internet of Things has the
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Experience the Network as Your Customers Do — Closing the Turn-Up Gap

Aug 16, 2016

Sam Darwish, Microlease (Viavi (formerly JDSU) reseller in the UK and Germany) and Samuel Bureau, Director-SSO Broadband Networks EMEA, Viavi (formerly JDSU) Traditionally, Layer 2/3 turn-up tests such as RFC 2544 are conducted when installing Ethernet services. After providers certify their networks with either an RFC 2544 test or the new Y.1564 test, they can still receive
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Reduce data centre asset liabilities with HARTING’s Ha-VIS RFID LOCFIELD® antenna

Aug 9, 2016

With regular headlines about the latest cybercrime attack stealing important or commercially sensitive data, the physical security of IT equipment is often overlooked.  One area in particular is the almost casual theft of small pieces of equipment from the racks. For example, the latest helium filled 10TB hard drive represent a £600 investment and with
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Optimizing in-building wireless networks

Aug 2, 2016

The lion’s share of mobile data traffic occurs inside buildings. The high density of subscribers in buildings makes it especially important to ensure the best possible network quality. In order to plan, implement and optimize in-building wireless networks, a reliable and comprehensive assessment must first be made of the radio channel quality of all prevalent
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Video bridging solution promises design flexibility and innovation

Jul 26, 2016

Today mobile platforms lie at the heart of new innovations not only in smartphones and tablets, but also DSLR cameras, drones, virtual reality (VR) systems, medical tools and industrial displays. Ideally each device in a system would interface directly to the applications processor, but in today’s emerging video markets that is not always the case.
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Updates to Legislation Drive External Power Supplies’ Efficiency

Jul 19, 2016

Gary Bocock, Technical Director at XP Power   As concern for carbon emissions grows, most countries have introduced legislation to regulate the efficiency of external power supplies (EPS), so that as little as possible of our natural resource is wasted. This legislation encourages power supply manufacturers to introduce EPS models with higher efficiency and lower
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Unlocking the Potential of Automotive 3D ToF Imaging

Jul 12, 2016

By Gaetan Koers, Melexis   The automobile industry is placing ever greater emphasis on protecting vehicle occupants and pedestrians from harm and ensuring that elevated safety levels are realised. At the same time, customers expect an intuitive user experience while driving – interacting with infotainment and connectivity functions in their car. Meanwhile, gradually higher degrees
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2 GHz analysis bandwidth in mmWave 5G test and measurement

Jul 5, 2016

Martin Schmaehling, Product Manager – Spectrum Analysis, Rohde & Schwarz, Munich   New requirements for mobile networks beyond LTE The boom in mobile Internet access due to smartphones and tablet PCs has made LTE and LTE-Advanced the fastest growing mobile technologies. Because of the requirements of smartphones and tablet PCs, LTE and LTE-Advanced have been
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Comparing CPLD-Based Circuit Board Power Management Architectures

Jun 28, 2016

by Shyam Chandra, Lattice Semiconductor   Introduction The growing complexity of board-level designs has begun to strain the capabilities of today’s hardware/power management architectures.  While any one of the four most commonly used management architectures can be used to support these complex designs, they each require different sets of compromises and design trade-offs in terms
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Segment Displays – a Shark Technology?

Jun 21, 2016

By Mike Logan Display and Input Technology Manager and Paul Hooper European Sales Manager andersDX   The segment display has been a workhorse of user-facing electronics for generations. Despite the arrival of new and apparently more attractive display technologies, they remain popular, and continue to be designed into new projects. An enduring attraction is that
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