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2 GHz analysis bandwidth in mmWave 5G test and measurement

Jul 5, 2016

Martin Schmaehling, Product Manager – Spectrum Analysis, Rohde & Schwarz, Munich   New requirements for mobile networks beyond LTE The boom in mobile Internet access due to smartphones and tablet PCs has made LTE and LTE-Advanced the fastest growing mobile technologies. Because of the requirements of smartphones and tablet PCs, LTE and LTE-Advanced have been
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Comparing CPLD-Based Circuit Board Power Management Architectures

Jun 28, 2016

by Shyam Chandra, Lattice Semiconductor   Introduction The growing complexity of board-level designs has begun to strain the capabilities of today’s hardware/power management architectures.  While any one of the four most commonly used management architectures can be used to support these complex designs, they each require different sets of compromises and design trade-offs in terms
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Segment Displays – a Shark Technology?

Jun 21, 2016

By Mike Logan Display and Input Technology Manager and Paul Hooper European Sales Manager andersDX   The segment display has been a workhorse of user-facing electronics for generations. Despite the arrival of new and apparently more attractive display technologies, they remain popular, and continue to be designed into new projects. An enduring attraction is that
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Use of CAN Networking Technology to Automate Future Crop Cultivation

Jun 14, 2016

By Gordon Lunn, FTDI Chip   Research conducted by the University of Minnesota has estimated that, given that current projections expect the global population to be over 9 billion by 2050, agricultural output would need to increase by approximately 60% in order to avoid major food shortages being witnessed within this period. At the same
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Test Implications Arising from the Advent of Connected Cars

Jun 7, 2016

By John Russell, Keysight, Bill Mckinley, Keysight & Matt Hodgetts, Microlease   The technological sophistication of modern automobiles means that they are very different from the models of the past. In many areas conventional mechanical systems have been replaced by sophisticated electronics. This is allowing substantial improvements in their operational efficiency, as well as enabling
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Plugging the utilisation gap – affordable test in a data driven world

May 31, 2016

George Acris, Director of Marketing, Europe, Microlease   Our world is driven increasingly by data. We demand higher standards of safety so more inspections are needed to make sure that systems comply with relevant standards. We are concerned about energy use. Power consumption and efficiency need to be more carefully checked during the design, manufacture
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EnOcean to IP – we’re off to the Internet of Things

May 24, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually taking shape. The technologies are moving toward a comprehensive network that will make our everyday lives easier, safer and more comfortable. Energy harvesting switches, sensors and actuators that supply necessary information for the IoT from billions of measuring points form an important element of this development. To do
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Analysis of wireless charging systems with R&S®RTM2000 multidomain oscilloscopes

May 17, 2016

Wireless charging for smart phones and other mobile devices is booming. A large Swedish furniture company has even introduced a new line of furniture with integrated wireless chargers. The most widely used wireless charging standards are Qi and Rezence. When developing and validating such chargers, it is important to analyze their behavior in both the
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Defending the supply chain against counterfeit components

May 10, 2016

By Mark Shanley, International Business Manager, Astute Electronics   In October last year, Peter Picone of Massachusetts, USA was sentenced to 37 months in prison for importing thousands of counterfeit ICs from China and Hong Kong.  It transpired during proceedings that he had resold counterfeit parts to various US customers, including contractors supplying the US
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Displays define electronic design today

May 3, 2016

By Mike Logan, Display and Input Technology Manager, andersDX   Electronic systems are now being defined by the display. When designing wearable devices, for example, designers start with the desired form-factor (often a wrist watch style device) and create the system around that. If they can’t source a display of the appropriate size, shape and
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