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Semi-Customizable SIPs provide the form factor and functionality for wearable medical devices

Mar 29, 2016

By Jakob Nielsen, Sr. Manager, Consumer Health Product Line, ON Semiconductor   The market for wearable medical devices is very broad and includes fitness heart rate monitors, hearing aids, and clinical devices used for drug distribution as part of a pain management regiment. As many governments look to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the healthcare
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Using Separation Kernel technology to architect and develop a safe and secure industrial IoT gateway.

Mar 22, 2016

“The gateway to mystery swings open at the touch of human weakness and we have entered the realms of darkness”[1].   By Will Keegan ,Technical Director, Software Security,Lynx Software Technologies   The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a much used phrase, and one full of optimism and promise. This virtual connection of data from people,
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Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime in Power Supplies

By Gary Bocock, Technical Director, XP Power     Electrolytic capacitors are an essential ingredient in AC/DC power supplies, providing high Capacitance x Voltage (CV) and low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) in low-volume packages that simply cannot be achieved cost-effectively using alternative parts. The service life of these electrolytic capacitors is an increasingly key design
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Test equipment – rent or buy?

Mar 8, 2016

By George Acris Director of Marketing – Europe Microlease   With technology moving ever faster, keeping a fleet of test instruments up to date can be a real issue.  Digital processor speeds and data rates are continually increasing, new wireless frequencies are opening up, new standards like 5G are emerging, and analogue performance is always
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Near Field Communication

Mar 1, 2016

(NFC) refers to emerging short- range wireless communication technology that typically operates within 10cm between loosely coupled inductive cir- cuits and offers great and multiple promises in services such as consumer electronics, ticketing, voting, and many others.   NFC emerged around ten years ago and has become instantly a contributor to en vogue technologies  
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Modern, Specialized Op Amps

Feb 23, 2016

By: Anthony Dimalanta, Applications Engineer   A typical listing of op amps for any manufacturer consists of dozens, sometimes hundreds of parts. Requirements for electronic designers are continuously evolving and the existence of so many op amps shows how varied they can be. Prioritizing any given specification will almost always result in a tradeoff somewhere
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Digital signal analysis with high bandwidth of up to 500 MHz

Feb 16, 2016

Modern signal and spectrum analyzers can demodulate and analyze not only pure spectrum measurements but also complex modulated signals for wireless communications systems. The analysis bandwidth represents the maximum signal bandwidth that can be demodulated and is therefore an important performance feature of these analyzers. A high analysis bandwidth is also beneficial for measurements on
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Position is everything in new electronic systems

Feb 8, 2016

Being in the right place at the right time is a key maxim in life – and is equally applicable to the design of systems from robots to 3D printers. Photomicrosensors can confirm the presence or absence of objects or materials, and are evolving to support some of today’s most exciting technology innovations   Gabriele
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Sophisticated Front-End Management for Efficient Solar-Energy Capture

Feb 1, 2016

By Bill Schweber, Mouser Electronics   Summary To realize the potential of solar energy as a power source, the front-end interface between the cells and the energy-extraction circuitry must take into account the unique characteristics of these cells; this can be done via different algorithms and a variety of hardware/software implementations. Introduction Solar energy is
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Anticipating Product Costs Before Your Vendors Do

Jan 19, 2016

Author: Jitesh Shah, Sr. Engineering Manager. Company: Integrated Device Technologies   So you are running the procurement operations within your organization, and every time a request for a quote is sent to price a given product option, you get feedback from, say, 5 different vendors (in an email or excel form, of course). Provided your
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