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Anticipating Product Costs Before Your Vendors Do

Jan 19, 2016

Author: Jitesh Shah, Sr. Engineering Manager. Company: Integrated Device Technologies   So you are running the procurement operations within your organization, and every time a request for a quote is sent to price a given product option, you get feedback from, say, 5 different vendors (in an email or excel form, of course). Provided your
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New Developments in Position Sensing Solutions to Address the Demands of Industrial Ethernet

Jan 12, 2016

By Dave Fabrizio, MTS Sensors   The prevalence of Industrial Ethernet technology is expanding all the time. Companies serving a wide range of industry sectors (manufacturing, petrochemical and avionics to name just a few) are migrating away from the slow and inflexible interfaces that were previously used and seeking out higher speed alternatives. Market analyst
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High definition oscilloscopes: signal analysis with 16-bit vertical resolution

Dec 22, 2015

For oscilloscopes, vertical resolution is increasingly being counted as a key parameter alongside other such as bandwidth, sampling rate and memory depth. This development is being driven by the heightened demand for more signal details in applications from the consumer goods sector as well as in medicine and R&D. The particular challenge here is to
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Making FPGAs even more secure with a PUF

Dec 8, 2015

By Ting Lu, senior security architect and Ryan Kenny, senior strategic marketing manager, Altera   As the diversity and number of security threats increase so does the need to keep complex systems and devices secure. FPGAs are no exception to this rule and all FPGA manufacturers having been increasing the number of security functions in
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5 Years to 5G: Enabling Rapid 5G System Development

Nov 24, 2015

Authors – David Hawke, Xilinx; David Squires, BEEcube   The goals for the so-called 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) are lofty indeed and have been discussed at length by industry experts. What has received far less airtime is, “What exactly is the best path to 5G?” This article lays out some of the challenges of
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Simplicity now available: measurements on automotive radars in all bands

Nov 17, 2015

The high resolutions of automotive radar sensors require signal bandwidths up to the gigahertz range. For this reason, frequency bands around 24 GHz and 79 GHz are provided for these applications. Up until now, harmonic mixers had to be used for test and measurement because no analyser was available that covered up to over 79 GHz in a
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Chips, Software and Platforms Converge for Wearable Design

Nov 10, 2015

By Steve Evanczuk, Mouser Electronics   For healthcare providers, accurate diagnosis and treatment depends on a clear picture of an individual’s health. Yet, healthcare providers rely on tests administered in physicians’ offices, clinics, or hospitals that offer, at best, a static snapshot of an individual’s ever-changing health dynamics. For individuals themselves, the need to go
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Automation Arrives Home at Last

Nov 3, 2015

By Patrick Mannion writing for Mouser Electronics Historically stymied due to lack of interoperability, poorly designed interfaces and high cost, truly smart home automation devices are about to move in.   Spurred in large part by advances in low-power connectivity such as Bluetooth Smart, and fueled by low-cost silicon, easy-to-use design kits, readily available software
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When Your Embedded Processor Runs Out of Steam, Try Parallelism

Oct 27, 2015

By Ron Wilson, technical author, Altera   The scenario is becoming increasingly familiar. You have a working embedded design, perhaps backed by years of deployment with customers and hundreds of thousands of lines of debugged code. Along comes marketing with a new set of performance specifications, or R/D with a new computer-crushing algorithm. Your existing
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Choosing an RTOS: Level C, D and E applications matter too

Oct 13, 2015

Mark Pitchford, Technical Manager, EMEA, Lynx Software Technologies   Software systems in aircraft have a long established near-perfect track record, and that is very largely due to the DO-178B/C series of standards and the people who contribute to them. That has been achieved at least in part by means of a very cautious approach, and
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