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How to Secure the IoT? Lots and Lots of Math…

Jan 26, 2016

By Warren Miller   The Internet of Things opens up a new universe of connected and intelligent devices that can work together to provide virtually unlimited capabilities, and most of these new capabilities will be personalized. Much of the value of the IoT comes from the ability to customize products and services to a customer’s
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Programmable Logic Expands Its Reach

Jan 5, 2016

By Barry Manz, Mouser Electronics   Not only is the performance of FPGAs and other logic devices becoming more formidable, these devices are incorporating functions typically performed by other types of logic, CPUs, GPUs, and DSPs. They’re the semiconductor versions of the Swiss Army Knife. In 1969, when hundreds of thousands (including the author) partied
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Excellent Resources Narrow the Make-or-Buy Decision for Power Supplies

Dec 15, 2015

By Landa Culbertson, Contributing Author, Mouser Electronics   In today’s energy conscious, high tech environment – the performance of the power supply, historically disregarded as just a basic necessity, has arguably taken center stage. Consider for example, the U.S. Department of Energy’s $37.7 Million USD investment in an ARPA-E program that seeks to increase energy
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Open Source vs. Proprietary: an Embedded Hardware Point of View

Dec 1, 2015

Software Licensing in the Embedded World By Mike Parks, P.E, and Lynette Reese, Mouser Electronics It is one of the common questions of the embedded world: “Open source or proprietary software; which is inherently better for my application?” Fewer things ignite passion in software geeks more than the debate of open source versus proprietary code.
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Mission Space – Electronics Rocket into a New Frontier

Oct 19, 2015

By Michael Parks, Mouser Electronics A Brief Overview of Designing Electronics for Operation in Space   With the recent Orion spacecraft test flight, humanity is once again attempting manned spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit (LEO). The test launch marked the first time since the end of the Apollo mission in 1974 that a manned-capable spacecraft
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Hotspot 2.0 Spreads its Wings

Oct 6, 2015

By Mouser Electronics   There’s plenty of excitement in the wireless industry these days as LTE slowly moves toward LTE Advanced and even beyond to the world of 5G. But for the first time in many years there’s another flavor of wireless emerging or perhaps evolving that is most interesting of all: Wi-Fi and in
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Sensor Fusion Comes of Age

Sep 9, 2015

By Morrie Goldman, Mouser Electronics   Over time, sensors have morphed from simple analog and mechanical constructs to chip-based digital devices that connect to a machine to monitor the machine’s health as well as environmental conditions. Similarly, sensor fusion — multiple types of sensors working together to solve a problem — has combined the threads
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Applying Modern Machine Vision Technologies to Security

Aug 18, 2015

By John Gabay, Mouser Electronics   Video surveillence has proven itself to be an advanced sensor with benefits. Serving as a remote set of eyes, video surveillance allows a virtual presence in off-site locations from a single point. What’s more, video cameras cover a large contiguous swath of view, allowing a panning camera to steadily
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Beyond Lithium-Ion: Future Battery Concepts

Aug 4, 2015

By Landa Culbertson, Mouser Electronics   Mobile technology hinges upon the availability of batteries to support it. This is something most of us know all too well, as we charge up our mobile devices every night. Lightweight, cost-effective, rechargeable, and providing higher energy density by far compared to the next commercial battery chemistry, Lithium (Li)-ion
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How “Open” is Open Source Hardware?

Jul 27, 2015

By Sylvie Barak, Mouser Electronics   Development based on sharing and collaborative improvement has a long anthropological history. Technologically, too, the practice is anything but new, though it wasn’t until the 1990s that interest in the phenomenon of open software first leaked into the mainstream with the recognition of Linux and the release of the
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