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Jul 27, 2015

Rise of the Creative Robots

Jun 30, 2015

Philip K. Dick may have wondered whether Androids dream of electric sheep, but perhaps a more fitting question is whether Androids ever dream of being MORE than electric sheep. Whether they will ever be able to tap into their very own electric creativity and walk their own paths. Will we ever see an A.I. turn
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How the IoT is redefining the User Interface

Jun 25, 2015

John Bowman, Marketing Director, Anglia Components Ltd. A trend that is fascinating me at the moment is the impact that the Internet of Things is having on user interface design. A growing number of customers are implementing the user interface for their products using an M2M connection to an App for a Smart Phone or
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Scotty, We Need More Power!

Jun 16, 2015

By Michael Parks, Mouser Electronics   In almost every episode of the classic science fiction television show “Star Trek”, regardless of the impending disaster, the day would always be saved when Captain Kirk called down to Chief Engineer Scotty and demanded more power! The circuits aboard the fictional U.S.S. Enterprise must be very robust to
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Motors, Control Options Advance Robotic Opportunities

Jun 2, 2015

by Bill Schweber, Mouser Electronics   Most are aware of the classic robot of science fiction, but the real growth in robots is in self- and remotely guided machines. These robots perform specific, well-defined tasks like assembly-line work, surgical assistance, warehouse delivery/retrieval, and even dangerous tasks such as clearing mines. Today’s robots can handle both
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Data Center Innovations Reflect – and Fuel – the Internet’s Hypergrowth

May 12, 2015

By Jack Shandle, Mouser Electronics   Featured Products Intel C2000 Atom™ Processors Texas Instruments SN75LVCP601RTJT Two-Channel SATA 6Gb/s Redriver Pericom PI2EQX6804-ANJE SAS2.0/SATA3.0/XAUI ReDriver Maxim Integrated MAX1495x PCIe Re-driver with Equalization PLX Technology OXUFS936QSE-PBAG USB Interface IC   Electronics has always been a hotbed of virtual cycles. In the 1980s, higher capacity disk drives allowed software
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Stepper Motors Make the Right Moves with Precision, Ease and Smarter Drivers

Apr 28, 2015

The stepper motor is both a creation and an enabler of the modern era of electronic products. As a technology creation, it required the development of: small, powerful permanent magnets for the rotor semiconductor power devices to switch its electromagnetic coils on and off smart electronics to drive the switches with the correct sequence and
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Volume and Velocity are Driving Advances in Data Center Network Technology

Apr 21, 2015

Just about everyone, and certainly every engineer, has heard of Moore’s Law, in which Gordon Moore predicted that technological advances would lead to a doubling of the number of transistors on a chip approximately every two years. Fewer people have heard of its networking equivalent, Metcalfe’s Law, formulated by Robert Metcalfe, which states that the
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Supercapacitors Find Applications in Hybrid Vehicles, Smartphones, and Energy Harvesting By Jack Shandle, Mouser Electronics

Mar 10, 2015

Supercapacitors are advantageously positioned between capacitors and batteries in the electronic component taxonomy. A single supercapacitor can store far more energy than a conventional capacitor with a solid dielectric. Storage capacity lags that of batteries. But, when supercapacitors can store sufficient energy for the application, they have several advantages, including their ability to turn on
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An Overview of Medical Imaging By Bryon Moyer, Mouser Electronics

Mar 3, 2015

Ever since Wilhelm Röentgen took the first fuzzy x-ray picture in 1895 of his wife’s hand, scientists have been searching for a better, non-invasive way to peer inside the human body. This search has received a lot more attention in recent years as a wave of aging baby boomers looks to technology to warn them
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