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Using the Performance and Reliability Advantages of Zero Crossing

Oct 20, 2014

Zero-crossing detectors are used to synchronize switching with the AC wavelength or to extract the timing signal. By using zero crossing techniques, high inrush currents can be avoided.There are many different approaches to detecting the zero-crossing point: both traditional and novel methods are well-documented. However, most approaches rely on a circuit such as that shown
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How to Measure MOSFET Drain Voltage and Current Use These Strategies and Tips to Ensure More Accurate, Reliable Measurements

Oct 15, 2014

As the primary switching device used in a broad range of power conversion applications, MOSFETs play a central role in power supply design. Defining their performance characteristics is crucial to reliable and predictable power supply operation. This article describes how to measure MOSFET drain voltage and current. As part of that discussion it outlines how
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Driver and LED Companies Must Work Together to Achieve High-Efficiency, Practical LED Lighting

Oct 7, 2014

Delivering real-world LED lighting systems that live up to their billing – reduced power consumption, increased life, improved efficiency – is now a reality. LED lighting is being increasingly used in many applications, but still has to contend with integrating into a still largely incandescent world. One example is the challenge to cope with legacy
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Improve reliability, increase performance and save space with new innovative power chip packages

Sep 30, 2014

New IC packages are emerging that offer significant benefits over older, long-established styles. Where traditionally a 30 W flyback power supply was implemented using a MOSFET in a TO-220 package, a heatsink and a separate controller in an SO-8 SMD, today, the MOSFET and power controller are combined in one sophisticated, modern IC which also
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A Nine-Step Approach to Avoiding PSU Instability

Sep 16, 2014

An unstable power supply will behave in unpredictable ways and can cause oscillation in output voltage, audible noise, and even, in extreme cases, over-voltage destruction of the circuit and any attached loads. Instability may not show up under normal conditions, and may only occur at certain load- or line-voltage levels. Regardless, a power supply with
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The Future of Open Source Hardware

Sep 2, 2014

The Future of Open Source Hardware By Lynnette Reese, Mouser Electronics Entrepreneurship and technological advances tend to choose the path of least resistance to reach a goal. In electronics, Open Source Hardware (OSHW) is a path of least resistance. Open source hardware will seep into commercial use and be supported by it, just as open
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The Power Tester 1500A – Accelerated Testing and Failure Diagnosis of High-Power Semiconductors

Jul 16, 2014

Abstract: The energy demands of both consumer and industrial electronic systems are increasing, and electronics power component suppliers as well as OEMs are faced with the challenge of providing the highly reliable systems needed for aviation, electric vehicles, trains, power generation, and reusable energy production. The unique Power Tester 1500A was designed and built to
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How to add Bluetooth® Connectivity to your product by David Potts, Technical Marketing Manager, Semiconductors, Anglia

Jun 26, 2014

Bluetooth® is still one of the best wireless cable replacement technologies out there. Its popularity means that it is very widely supported, and there are many low cost modules that make system integration very straightforward. Using one of these modules, though, can be like dining in a foreign restaurant. The hard work of cooking is
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