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Conrad Business Supplies adds high quality pan-European PCB service
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rapid and flexible service includes significant 24/7 support and instant online pricing


CRD324_Conrad_Eurocircuit_PCB_service_eC-boards_LRESConrad Business Supplies has announced the immediate availability of a new pan-European PCB service in partnership with leading PCB manufacturer Eurocircuits further enhancing Conrad’s focus on the R&D market.

The service allows design engineers to quickly and easily order high quality PCBs from the same source as they use for components, giving an integrated solution for PCB projects. The new Conrad landing page provides designers with the ability to obtain pricing for PCBs instantly based upon each design’s parameters.

Design rule guidelines are available for free download and an innovative design rule checker (DFC) is available to ensure that all designs uploaded are compliant with the guidelines.

The broad range of solutions available includes bare prototype boards without soldermask or silkscreen (NAKED proto) for rapid proof-of-concept as well as complete prototype boards (PCB proto) and FR-4 lead-free soldering compatible PCBs up to 16 layers with track widths as low as 90mm (STANDARD pool).

The extensive high quality PCB range is aligned with industry standards and also includes flex-to-install PCBs (SEMI-FLEX pool), RF-suitable designs (RF pool) and single layer Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS pool) for high power applications. Conrad are able to supply unframed stainless steel stencils for the PCBs.

“The flexibility and simplicity of this new service makes ordering PCBs right across Europe much easier than before”, said Melanie Lauer, VP International Marketing (B2B) at Conrad Electronic. “Partnering with Eurocircuits allows us to offer a broad range of high quality PCB solutions with as little as one-day turnaround.”

Eurocircuits’ Managing Director, Dirk Stans added: “We are very excited to be partnered with Conrad Business Supplies. We look forward to see the new PCB portal and working with their extensive European customer base.”

The new pan-European service is backed by 24/7 personal support from a dedicated team.

Further information about the new rapid and convenient PCB service can be found on the Conrad Business Supplies website here.


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